We offer a wide range of Accounting, Auditing and legal representation to our clients belonging to segments like manufacturing, ecommerce, IT, marketing, etc. We assist businesses understand complacent regulatory and statutory compliances. We also provide customised taxation solutions, help with matters pertaining to company law and offer valuation services for M&As or dissolution. Given below are the services we will be offering to you.

Audits & Assurances

In today’s environment of scepticism, businesses need to be assured that their financial health is stable and their operations are conducted in accordance to the law and regulations.

With our audits and assurance services, businesses and entrepreneurs get a fair idea about their financial position and compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. We further advise them about the steps and measures they need to take to ensure that there is accuracy in the financial information of their firm and thus assuring its credibility while dealing with financial institutes, partners, investors, and the government.


Direct & Indirect Taxes

Dealing with taxes in India can be a bit tricky, especially for those who are yet to figure out the new taxation system. This is where our specialization lies in. We help our clients understand the structure of taxation and its compliance for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Company Laws

As per the Companies Act 2013, every company in India has to be registered with the Registrar of Companies and adhere to its statutory regulations. We at D.R. Thakkar and Co. offer our clients with assistance with every aspect of Company Law as given below


Valuation and Financial Services

Businesses grow in size by either setting up new entities or by taking over similar but smaller businesses. At D.R. Thakkar & Co. we help our clients value their prospective buys to ensure their investment bears fruit.