Dealing with taxes in India can be a bit tricky, especially for those who are yet to figure out the new taxation system. This is where our specialization lies in. We help our clients understand the structure of taxation and its compliance for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Direct Taxes

Tax planning and compliance :We offer tax planning services to firms and entities to alleviate their tax-burden and manage their financial transactions in a manner that they don’t end up facing any tax-liabilities. We ensure that our clients file their various tax returns on a timely basis by helping them prepare the necessary documents and proofs to be submitted to the Income Tax department. We also help them avail the various tax benefits and deductions from the government too.

Client Representation : One of our areas of expertise is representing our clients to various departments, tribunals, commissions and tax officials whenever and wherever they face any tax-related or legal hassle.

Tax Deduced at Source : We assist our clients in calculating TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) amount to be deducted as per the specified rates, depositing them to the government using TDS Challan, managing the returns and provide solutions to any glitches or hurdles they might face.

Indirect Taxes

GST Registration : As per the GST regime, any business whose turnover is more than the limit prescribed under the GST Act has to register as a taxable entity. We assist businesses in getting registered with the GST infrastructure.

Filing returns : We help firms with filing of their monthly or quarterly returns with the GST infrastructure and represent them if and when they face any issue with compliance.

Audit & Data Matching : If a business or entity records turnover more than the limit prescribed under GST Act, it is required to have a chartered accountant conduct a GST Audit. We offer GST audits for our clients and undertake data matching process to ensure no sale or purchase gets omitted or wrongly reported in the returns.