about D. R. Thakkar & CO.

We are one of the leading accounting firms in Gujarat, which provide commendable accounting and financial advisory services in complaisance with Indian legal codes to businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our services include quality reassurance Audits, Tax advisory services, preparation of balance sheet, services related to the Registrar of Companies, corporate advisory and restructuring, accounting and finance outsourcing, fixed assets management, secretarial support, receivables/payables management and advice on indirect taxes.

Our team of chartered accountants and legal eagles, both young and experienced professionals, provide our clients with quick, easy and practical solutions for their businesses, which are both commercially sound and tax efficient for them.

We at D.R. Thakkar & Co. are not only well-versed in our areas of specialisation, but we also keep ourselves abreast with the latest developments in them, which can be then implemented in our work too.


CA Dipak Thakkar, Founder

CA Dipak Thakkar has been a practising chartered accountant in Gujarat since 1989. D.R. Thakkar & Co. was his brainchild, to provide earnest and just accounting services to his clients across Gujarat and the country.

Considered and visionary by his peers, CA Dipak Thakkar has carved a niche for himself in the industry with his principled and disciplined work ethic, something that won him loyal clients from the past 30 years.

A man of great versatility, he holds 6 educational degrees, and his decades-long experience and influence in the industry have helped many of his clients get out of complex and sticky tax and legal situations with ease.

He had established D.R. Thakkar & Co. with just him and one other member, and today it boasts of 18 accounting and legal professionals with the firm.

Aalap Thakkar, Head, Indirect Taxes

The current head of the department of Indirect Taxes at D.R. Thakkar & Co., Aalap Thakkar is the son of founder CA Dipak Thakkar. He is a graduate of accountancy from the Miami University in Ohio.

Ever since he joined his father to work with him in Ahmedabad, he has established himself as a prodigy in his domain. He is known for his expertise with the Goods and Services Tax and has helped many of his clients navigate the complex structure of this newly implemented business taxation smoothly.

His dexterity lies in bridging the gap between businesses and the government when it comes to taxation. He helps his clients understand the manifold layers of GST and its benefits, and thus assist them in attaining maximum gains for their businesses.

His main focus is now to put D.R. Thakkar & Co. on the global map and establish its identity as the one-stop place for businesses and entrepreneurs to get all their accounting and legal matters solutions.